2020: Urgh Odyssey - Version 1.1!

We were so happy with all the praise and very proud of our placement in the GB Jam 8, so a big thanks to all those who played the game in its original state. However, the game was, quite obviously, not perfect either. So, we listened to the feedback - and with the help of Glaas we threw together a not so little update:

  • 2 New Enemies
  • Gamepad Support
  • Alternative Keyboard Controls (both WASD and Arrows now supported)
  • Second, Much Harder Boss
  • Updated Scoring System (no more negative scores and bonuses for perfect waves)
  • and a little extra visual flare...

Developer High-Score: 650


Move with:   WASD | Arrows | Gamepad Left Stick or D-Pad
Shoot with:    K | V | Gamepad West or East Buttons
Shield with:    L | C |  Gamepad North or South Buttons

A hint: catching enemy projectiles with the shield recharges you weapon real fast!

Graphics, Design and Programming by Siddharta "Sidremus" Mitterberger
Sound Design by Danae Le Guennic
Additional Design and Programming by Sebastien "Glaas" Decuyper

A TightControls production.


2020UrghOdysseyWin32Bit.zip 28 MB


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Good god the effect work in this is phenomenal. Great work!


Hey, thank you! If you ever need some VFX, lemme know!

I played the web version of the game and it’s really good, great job! I managed to get 536 score and I died at the second (which I think is the last) boss. The game is very polished, I love how explosive everything feels. It also feels quite vibrant despite it being grayscale with only 4 colors. I initially tried dodging the background objects as the brighter ones appear as if they should collide with the player. I’m also not entirely sure how the shooting mechanic work but it seems like it usually shoots those small bullets and it has a chance to shoot the big ones. I found myself not using the shield much in the earlier stages but once I got to the first boss I used it pretty much everywhere. My favorite wave is what I think was the second last one. It involved a row of really high HP enemies that fired a constant barrage of bullets. If it weren’t for the shield I would have definitely died there. There was some really close moments as well especially when I only had 1 HP left.


Thank you very much for the kind words! We're quite proud of our little game and happy that the polish we put in comes across!

The spread shot is fired if you start firing with a full bar of ammo. We probably should have communicated that in some way. 

Still, I'm happy you had a bit of fun with it!

Very fun and challenging! 10/10 would play again!

So happy to hear that!